Creation. Evaluation. Expansion. Optimization.

The Forge Interactive, Inc. is a think-tank for advanced real-time graphics— building custom game engines and rendering solutions, offering game engine consulting and programming services, and developing cutting-edge graphics middleware for the game and movie industries. We balance tight deadlines with fast, accurate turnaround, extensive industry experience with innovation, and technology with talent to help our clients deliver visually stunning products.



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Evaluating your Game Engine

Our team of highly experienced developers provide free, up-front evaluations of your game engine, and propose changes based on the targets you want to hit. We will devise an efficient plan and accurately determine what steps are needed to accomplish your goals.

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Extending your Game Engine

The Forge can enhance or add functionality to your existing game engine on a wide variety of platforms. Let us demonstrate how we can expand your software's capabilities.

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Game Engine Optimization

We are the Green Berets of software development. When clients have performance issues they can't resolve, they turn to us. We thrive on diving into huge codebases and optimizing local hotspots or entire pipelines.

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Building Custom Engines

We construct game engines that are high-quality, well-designed, and maintainable. They provide the core functionality needed so you can focus on what matters most—building your game—all while reducing cost, complexity, and time-to-market.

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Tools Development

We create state-of-the-art tools that enable developers and content creators to speed up workflows and ship awesome games.

The Forge is also an open source cross-platform rendering framework on GitHub, and we welcome developers around the world to join us in its growth.

Our ingenious framework can be used to produce rendering layers for custom next-gen game engines and provides building blocks for writing your own game engine quickly.

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